Window Borders on PinePhone QtQuick Apps

Recently PureOS and Arch were updated on the PinePhone to turn on window borders for QtQuick apps so that in convergence mode the apps can be resized and moved around. (See here: While these changes are nice for convergence mode. In my opinion the average non-poweruser or non-tinkerer is likely not using convergence mode too often and now the users who use the PinePhone in mobile mode have to deal with window borders that are distracting from the app content and that shrink the apps usable space on an already tiny screen. [Read More]

Idok Remote (for Kodi)

For all you Kodi fans out there, I just started working on a new Kodi remote for Linux Mobile (also works on desktop). This remote features the ability to connect to multiple instances and has a combobox selection to choose which one to control right on the remote screen. Perfect for those that have multiple RPI’s with Kodi. For right now the other features are pretty basic and limited to button controls only, but I plan to add many more features in the future, so stay tuned. [Read More]

Lord Almighty's Modern Bible

I have begun to work on a new project for the PinePhone! I am excited to work on this one. It is a very large project and will take some time to complete, but so far is turning out to be fantastic! I hope you enjoy it as much as I have. Description Lord Almighty’s Modern Bible (LAMB) is a cross platform Bible application. It was designed with Linux Mobile in mind and provides an offline copy of the Bible in an elegant look and feel. [Read More]

Media Server Connect

I have just posted the code for my new Media Server Connect app. I needed a Linux mobile app for connecting to an Emby server, so I created this web app to access the front-end interface. I have tested it with Emby, but it may also work fine with other media servers such as Plex, or for that matter other servers in general. The app will run on Linux desktops, but was primarily designed for Linux Phones such as the PinePhone [Read More]

ABV Calculator Update

I have re-developed and updated the code for my ABV Calculator. I moved over to Gtk, Glade and Python for development. I moved away from QT due to all the dependencies required for such a simple app, as well as all the extra difficulties with packaging. Going forward I will only be developing/supporting this app for Gtk/Gnome based Linux desktop and Linux ARM64(AArch64) phones (PinePhone) and tablets. While I am not new to basic app development, I am completely self taught. [Read More]

ABV Calculator

I have just posted the code for my new ABV Calculator. This is a calculator specifically for those that use refractometers when calculating ABV for their beer or wine. I designed it to run on Linux desktops and Linux Phones/Tablets Warning: This calculator may not be super precise. Please use this calculator at your own risk, and verify your ABV with other sources before making any decisions. I take no responsibility for any decisions made from using this app. [Read More]